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One of the most tragic and heartbreaking of all injuries is a trauma suffered by an infant during the prenatal, labor and delivery process. Because these injuries occur when the newborn is fragile and susceptible to damage in many ways, the injuries can be devastating, permanent and life-altering for both the infant and its family. These injuries, sadly, are often the result of the medical malpractice of a doctor or other healthcare professional and frequently involve the failure to read information from a fetal monitor and take the appropriate action to deliver your baby prior to the child suffering oxygen deprivation or other severe trauma. Oxygen deprivation causes the death of brain cells. When fetal distress is not detected and immediate action is not taken to ensure that the fetus receives sufficient oxygen, a brain injury or damage can result.

Some of these injuries may not manifest themselves until the child gets older, especially when the brain damage only affects the non-motor area of the brain. Maybe you have noticed that your child cannot compete intellectually or physically in school with children of his or her own age?

If you suspect that the medical malpractice may have caused your child to suffer a brain injury or was deprived of oxygen during a prolonged or difficult labor or delivery, you need to protect your child’s rights. Contact Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC, experienced birth injury attorneys, to arrange for an immediate free consultation and evaluation of your claim by a lawyer who is proven in the field. Although the time to bring a lawsuit in New York on behalf of an infant is significantly longer than that for an adult (10 years or maybe more in some cases), any claim you may have as the parent for medical expenses and other damages is only 2 ½ years. Therefore, you must consult with a lawyer in our firm immediately to determine whether the statute of limitations has run out. Let us help you protect your rights.

It is important to understand that the types of birth injuries we are describing here cannot be all-inclusive, as there are many different causes and degrees of injuries.

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