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The Law Offices of Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC has extensive experience prosecuting wrongful death actions. For over five decades, we have helped grieving families find justice and financial stability after the tragic loss of a loved one.

What could be worse than experiencing the death of a loved one? The lasting impact it has on family, friends and associates? What is worse is the death of a loved one that could have been avoided and was unnecessarily caused by the carelessness of another. We understand that the tragedy continues far beyond the actual death of the victim. We also understand that the devastating emotional loss, loss of income and loss of companionship and guidance suffered by the surviving family members cannot be measured.

When a person dies unnecessarily due to a careless healthcare provider, a reckless driver, or some other person acting irresponsibly, the surviving spouse, children or next of kin are entitled to be compensated fully for the pain and suffering the victim might have suffered prior to death, and for the loss of companionship and the loss of the deceased person’s future income that the family depended on to survive. The death of an individual without income does not preclude the appropriate family member from bringing a wrongful death action. Every life is valuable.

Kadanoff & Kadanoff has vast experience and sensitivity in handling a wrongful death lawsuit, and while your family grieves we handle every aspect of the case, including preparation and filing of the necessary papers in Surrogate’s Court to appoint a representative of the estate to initiate the lawsuit.

Call the law firm of Kadanoff & Kadanoff. We have the sensitivity, patience, perseverance and skill to handle your wrongful death case successfully.

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